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The BEst In Street food.

We are very passionate about the quality and taste of our products. For some people who immigrate to a different country, it is really hard to leave everything behind, especially those foods that were only found on their streets. We realize that, and wanted to create a solution for such cravings.

That’s the reason why Salsa was created, to bring you a little piece of the authentic Venezuelan street food on every product we offer. But our food it is so delicious that every one would appreciate it, so please com and treat yourself with flavours from our streets.

Our Hot dogs and BURGERS

Venezuelan hot dogs are quite different than other hot dogs, they have a very particular look and taste, they are small in size, but big in flavor. Try them once and you’ll feel all the flavors of the Venezuelan streets.

Hot Dog

“El perro Caliente” as venezuelan call this hot dog, it’s a flavourful small wiener sausage, that comes with cole slaw, hickory potato sticks, garlic sauce, signature sauce, ketchup, mustard and topped with cheese on a very soft steamed bun.
There are different variations, but you get the idea.


We have different versions of hamburguers, the signature one is the “triple bomba”, which is a combination of three different meets, beef patty, chicken breast and peameal bacon. Also comes with egg, cheese and ham. All of this in a soft steamed bun with all our sauces and coleslaw.


This is a sandwich like no other. Half Baguette filled with grilled chicken and tender beef steak, coleslaw, cheese, corn and sauces. There is no way that hunger can survive this delicious sub, and after trying it, you’ll never see sandwiches the same way ever again.

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